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August 2010

Sunday Morning Long Run

August 30, 2010

This was my longest run to date! David and I did 19 miles on the Nashua River Rail Trail. It took us just under 4 hours, but that included several bathroom and water breaks. At certain points, my legs started to feel like they would give out, but I would just truck right through it […]

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Dear Energy,

August 28, 2010

Where have you been hiding? We were having such a great summer together. You woke me up at 6:30 with such gusto and enthusiasm to get the day started; go for a nice run and have a delicious, hearty breakfast. Now, you’re nowhere to be found! 6:30 rolls around and I’m hitting the snooze until […]

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The Back Bay Social Club

August 27, 2010

Just to start, I did not have my regular camera so I apologize for the grainy phone camera pictures. I do plan on going back sometime so I will definitely photo-document much better then. This restaurant just opened on Boylston Street at the old site of the Vinny T’s restaurant. Its sister property, Sonsie, is […]

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