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The Back Bay Social Club

by Alaina on August 27, 2010 · 1 comment

Just to start, I did not have my regular camera so I apologize for the grainy phone camera pictures. I do plan on going back sometime so I will definitely photo-document much better then. :-)

This restaurant just opened on Boylston Street at the old site of the Vinny T’s restaurant. Its sister property, Sonsie, is located just around the corner on Newbury Street. The main level dining room and bar have the dark wood, banquette feel that Vinny T’s had. The bar was also very busy for a Wednesday night and I was told that they were trying to become the “neighborhood bar”. I could certainly see myself coming here for an after work cocktail.

And speaking of cocktails!: I looked at the cocktail menu and nothing was really appealing to me. I like sweet cocktails, but not sugary sweet. I told this to the bartender and he whipped together a cucumber and mint martini (gin, fresh grapefruit juice, st. germain, simple syrup, and some other ingredients I can’t think of off the top of my head, muddled with fresh mint and cucumber). It was sooo good. Lightly refreshing and sweet but not too sweet. Of course, I got the recipe but right now it’s sitting on my dresser and I am at work.

We then got a tour of the downstairs dining room and bar and it exuding sophisticated and masculine sexiness (if that makes any sense :-) ). There was dark wood walls and black and white diamond patterned floors. There were large party tables in the middle and booths on one side of the wall. A huge bar was featured on the far wall. This was definitely a space that I would like to get a cocktail in.

We were then headed upstairs and seated for dinner. I won’t bore you with the details of all the conversations that were floating around the table. You’re here for the food! And so was I.

We started with a multitude of appetizers which included: watermelon salad, Rhode Island style frito misto, butchers plate, and their version of pigs in a blanket (sausage wrapped in pretzel dough).

Here was my stash (again, sorry for the quality – or lack thereof):








This was just the blanket and watermelon salad. I did have a few samples from the butchers plate, but those went straight into the mouth, no plate needed.

Oh! We also had chicken and waffles! Apparently one of their more popular breakfast items and a special on Monday. Even though it was Wednesday, the chef was happy to prepare it for us. Holy decadence. I had to steal a couple of bites. And it’s topped with a BBQ maple syrup. Who knew such a combination could taste so good?











Of course, my meal was accompanied by this delicious hefeweissbier.










I was told that if I was a meat eater (guilty!) that I just had to try the Social Burger. Suggested temp: medium rare. To me, there is no other way. And the only toppings are sharp chedder and smothered onions. Oh my god, I love onions! Especially when they’ve been smothered. Of course, I had to have it. And I took half home for David to have for lunch today. This burger was huge. Some burgers have buns bigger than the meat but this was not the case. I didn’t even need to add any ketchup; the seasonings were perfect. As Andrew would say “This is the best f—in’ burger in the city.” I can’t say I could argue. And it came with a side of shoestring fries.











Dun-dun-duuuuuunnn Yummy 😛

For dessert, they brought out 3 plates of each of the 4 desserts. I had a sample of all four. The picture came out horrible though on my phone.












I had a beignet, summer peach pudding, strawberry crumb cake (with basil ice cream), and chocolate ganache cake with almonds and coconut jam. My favorite was probably the chocolate cake because if you got a bite of cake with the almond and coconut – Almond Joy! And of course, ended with a cup of coffee.

I would most certainly eat here again. It had a sort of business vibe and seemed like a great place for a cocktail and light bites.

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