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by Alaina on October 1, 2010 · 0 comments

That is the name of a modern american restaurant located in the trendy Liberty Hotel.


This is also the sound of me slapping my hand against my forehead (you know, if my head were made of metal…)


I purposefully took my camera to work with me so that I could bring it to this week’s concierge dinner but in my rush to get out the door, I left it in my locker. :-( Yah, another photo-less post! This one won’t be as indepth though. I’m rushed to get to work today but I wanted to get a post out!

I’m also super excited for this weekend because I’m running my marathon on Sunday!!! 5 months of training is all culminating at 7:15am this Sunday morning in Portland, ME. The forecasted weather is perfect, 58* and sunny. Woo-hoo! And the day before, my parents are running in the Dempsey Challenge 5k in Lewiston. Patrick Dempsey sighting maybe? So it’s gearing up to be a fun filled weekend.

Ok, so back to Clink. If you live in the Boston area, the Liberty Hotel is definitely a place to visit. The lobby is one big bar. Especially on Thursday. So much so, that they shut down their concierge desk to make way for the fashion show. Yep, a fashion show in the hotel lobby every Thursday night. The models get up on the desks to strut their stuff. It’s pretty cool. And we even had a VIP section right next to the concierge desk.

As for the restaurant, this will be a quick overview, it was good. Not memorable, but good. It’s, again, a modern american restaurant that uses local and sustainable ingredients (which I love) so you won’t find the same menu every month. I was blown away by the variety of the starters and the charcuterie plates. They also had  a bartender going around to the tables and letting the guests sample some of their martini’s that are 150 calories or less. I tried the cucumber and watermelon puree martini. It was very cucumber-y. I loved it! My entree was the chicken and it was very very moist, so much so that it seemed raw(?) I don’t know if that makes sense. And the side was a potato cake of some sort with cranberries. Again, nothing memorable, in my opinion.

I did love the atmosphere though because the hotel used to be the old Charles St. Jail so there are jail cell bars around the restaurant and their bar (Alibi – get the theme there? haha).

So if you want something trendy and new and to witness a fun evening of fashion in a hotel lobby, I would recommend frequenting the Liberty Hotel on a Thursday night. And if you plan on having dinner at Clink, I would recommend sticking to the expansive starter menu and martinis.

Have a great weekend everyone and see you at the Finish Line!!

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