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A Horseshoe New Year

by Alaina on January 2, 2011 · 10 comments

Happy 2011 everyone!!!

My New Year’s this year was quite…uneventful. Last year’s was the big trip for David and I. We went to Montreal and stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel. Word to the wise: do NOT stay at that hotel! I was not impressed with the service at all. Next time, I’ll be staying at the Fairmont. ;-)

Here are some pictures from last year’s NYE:

At the hotel’s absinthe bar

Snowing on New Year’s Eve 2010

The square where we rang in 2010

Now, onto NYE 2011.

I worked the mid-shift on New Year’s Eve and after I left work I ventured out to Copley Square into the middle of Boston’s infamous First Night. The square was pretty crazy. And it was so mild, the ice sculptures were starting to melt! They had to move people away for fear they would fall on the crowd.

I was stuck in my car for a while on Comm Ave, so I decided to take a picture of the trees all lit up.

When I got home, David was sleeping and it was tough to get him up. I definitely didn’t blame him though because he’s been trying so hard to catch up on his sleep. While he slept, I went down the hall to our neighbor’s place for some nibbles and company.

I had few plates of cheese, crackers, pepperoni, veggies and tostitos. And some vanilla wine. 

Hey Topher!

My bark came out great! I was very happy.

Yuuuummm. Monkey bread! This was actually my first time having monkey bread. I had no idea that you picked off pieces of it to eat it. I had about 2 or 3. It was some gooey gooey goodness. I enjoyed it with some ice wine.

Well, 11PM came around and David was still asleep and it didn’t look like he was getting up anytime soon. And I had to be at work at 7AM the next morning (and him at 6AM). So I decided to go to bed myself. Yep, this year we did not watch the ball drop. Ah well.

On the evening of 1/1/11, David and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in town (and conveniently located within walking distance of the apartment), The Horseshoe Grille compliments of my Grammy.

We started off with their delicious cornbread. For drinks, we kept it simple: iced tea for me, root beer for him.

I was very excited to see this on the small bites menu:

Fig pizza! Yeah!

This will definitely last me a few meals. And of course, I had my favorite side there: quinoa salad with cranberries and green beans.

Everything at that restaurant is so, so, so good. I cannot even say it enough. The last time I was there I had the panko crusted chicken and David had the meatloaf. He still talks about it. :-P

Horseshoe Grille on Urbanspoon

This morning, I started off the second day of the New Year right! David and I went for a run. It was nothing special and it was raining, but we got out there! We did 2.02 miles in 18:39. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get started on the P90X again. And I’ve also decided that, between the Shape Up RI Half Marathon in Providence or the Run to Remember Half Marathon in Boston, I think the Boston one will be a lot more fun. So it’s time to start my training for the May 29th race! Too soon? Nah, I really want to do well on this race. I have 2:16 to beat.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! Here’s to a great 2011!!