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5 Napkin Burger

by Alaina on May 6, 2011 · 11 comments

Yesterday, a guest of the hotel who we had invited to the trade show on Monday, had an invitation to try out the new 5 Napkin Burger. I promptly piped up and invited myself. I never shy away from a good burger. Winking smile


We had a reservation so getting a table was easy. Service was prompt and attentive without being too overbearing. I started out with a water and iced tea. (Side note: Ever since Easter, I’ve only had 1 Diet Coke! I just don’t find myself craving the sweetness anymore.)

To start, we were told that we just had to try the cornmeal crusted onion rings. I don’t normally order onion rings unless David is with me, but I took them up on the suggestion.


And I am so glad that I did. They were light without being too greasy and the cornmeal definitely added a sweetness to it that breadcrumbs don’t. I dipped it in the 5N sauce and it was very good. Probably the best onion rings I’ve had.

For my entrée, I kept it simple and ordered the 5 Napkin Original: 10 oz. fresh ground chuck, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, rosemary aioli on a soft white roll. I substituted my roll for whole grain.


That is one thick burger. I ordered it medium and it came out slightly more pink in the middle, but that was fine for me since I lean towards the medium rare side anyway. That glob on the top was the aioli, so I had to smear some of that off. I rarely get a burger that doesn’t have lettuce and raw onion and I was afraid this would get messy. I cut it in half and luckily, it stayed in one piece…until it went into my mouth. Smile

The burger was delicious. It definitely tasted like the ground chuck I would get at a steakhouse; not a regular burger patty. The rosemary aioli gave it a nice herby flavor. And I’m glad I went with the whole wheat bun. Having half was perfect for my lunch and I ended up having the last half at dinner.

For my side (which are a la carte), I originally asked for sweet potato fries, but ended up getting the steamed broccoli instead. I figured, if I’m having a rich burger, I would like to keep the sides healthy. Or so I thought. I received the broccoli and I first noticed that it was sprinkled with cheese. No big deal, it wasn’t a whole lot. But when I picked up the first piece, I saw that it was swimming in butter. I was really disappointed. I like my steamed broccoli to be crisp and flavored by seasonings, not butter. I only had a few pieces.


Hmm…See the little butter bath?

Since this was an invitation to come and try the restaurant, our bill came back comped but I was surprised to see it was for $42! And they also charged me twice for iced tea. If I was paying, I would have said something. Although the quality of the burgers is good, $42 for two people at lunch seems pretty steep. Probably once in a while would I go there to eat. I will say though that the service was speedy; we were out in about 45 minutes. So it’s a reasonable place to go while on lunch break.

Even though our meal was complimentary, these opinions are that of my own.

5 Napkin Burger is located at 105 Huntington Ave in the Prudential Center.


5 Napkin Burger on Urbanspoon

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1 Michelle May 6, 2011 at 10:12 am

I had the house burger as well but didn’t have tons of aioli on it. I’ve read a few reviews of people with the same complaint though. I actually thought 5 Napkins Burger was reasonable when I went for a group dinner with cocktails, etc. and it was about $45/person.


2 Holly @ The Runny Egg May 6, 2011 at 4:44 pm

That burger looks so delicious!!!


3 Matt @ The Athlete's Plate May 6, 2011 at 7:46 pm

Looks like a good burger, but I can make a better one at home 😉


4 Alaina May 6, 2011 at 11:48 pm

From what I’ve seen on your blog, I don’t doubt that! :-) David makes a good one at home too. Homemade is always better.


5 MelissaNibbles May 7, 2011 at 6:39 am

That burger looks insane! I agree that that is VERY steep for lunch. I would’ve sent the broccoli back. The butter would’ve made me sick. I still want to try this place though. Thanks for the review!


6 Miriam May 7, 2011 at 11:49 am

I keep hearing good things about this place – only problem is, I don’t really eat meat, especially hamburgers! Oh well, more onion rings for me :)


7 Alaina May 7, 2011 at 1:24 pm

The onion rings were SO good!


8 Corey @ the runners cookie May 7, 2011 at 3:46 pm

Wow that looks like an incredible meal!! I want your job :)


9 chelsey @ clean eating chelsey May 7, 2011 at 8:39 pm

Oh my gosh, those onion rings look absolutely incredible. I love onion rings!


10 Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table May 17, 2011 at 12:28 pm

Rosemary aioli sounds great! they are opening a Five Napkins in ATL, so I’m interested to see how it compares.

I’m with you on the broccoli/lighter sides – I like to get sauteed spinach, but run into the same problem with the butter bath. Who wants their sauteed veggies soggy like that?!


11 Alaina May 18, 2011 at 8:26 am

Seriously. It was a bit much for me. Definitely check it out when they open even if only for the onion rings! :-)


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