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Mother’s Day at Stephanie’s

by Alaina on May 8, 2011 · 9 comments

What a beautiful day for Mother’s today! The weather was sunny, warm and breezy. And my day began with a long run through Harvard Square, along the Charles River and through Inman Square (x2). My day was supposed to be 10 miles, but only about 9 were ran. My legs just felt really tight. I don’t know if it’s because I ran yesterday or not enough stretching. I felt good, my breathing felt good, but the tightness in my legs just made them not want to move. Any stretches that you live by? I just need to be better at my preparations and recoveries for long runs. I’ve only had a couple successful long runs when training for races.

Ok, running rant over!

This afternoon, my parents and grandmother picked me up and we headed into Boston to go to Stephanie’s on Newbury. We were only a few minutes late and even though our table wasn’t ready when we got there, the wait was less than 5 minutes. I found the manager, Michael, and introduced myself (always good to make those connections!)


When we sat down, we knew we were getting mimosa’s. Until we saw the Executive mimosa: champagne, Grey Goose l’orange vodka, Cointreau and fresh squeezed orange juice served on the rocks.


Ever since I knew about the brunch at Stephanie’s, I knew about their frittered French toast: creamy combo of cheese and raspberry jam between battered French toast. And I had to try it. I must try it. My parents ordered each it too. The server told us that the servings were large, so getting two would be good to share and then get another entrée to split. I ordered the corned beef and sweet potato hash: with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.


Both dishes were amazing! The hash had such an amazing flavor and I liked that it came with a side salad. The French toast tasted like fried dough with cream cheese and jam in the middle. It was not something that I eat often and it was DEE-licious! My parents and I devoured the dishes and we were pleasantly stuffed when we were done. Smile with tongue out

Then the server came and told us that the meal was being taken care of by the manager. Surprised smile Totally not expected and completely gracious of them. Thank you Michael! We had an amazing brunch!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! How did you celebrate?

Stephanie’s on Newbury is located at 190 Newbury Street, Boston, MA.

Stephanie's on Newbury on Urbanspoon