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The Future & Dinner at Pagliuca’s

by Alaina on June 23, 2011 · 4 comments

Today was a pretty crazy day.

Yesterday was so beautiful and relaxing and today was a sharp contrast to that.

I woke up fine, did some exercises in the apartment and ate a delicious breakfast. Then it started raining. And it’s been raining all day. That alone will aid in my crappy mood. I spent the morning doing things around the apartment, laundry, etc. Then, I realized that I hadn’t gotten my drug test completed yet for my new job. Yep, I got the job that I interviewed for! I am now the part time club lounge attendant at the Intercontinental Hotel, aka, my former employer. It’ll help to make a bit more money while David is gone. I called up the drug screening place and made my appointment for 4:20 today. OK, that was all set up.

Then around 1:45 rolls around, and I check my work e-mail. All of a sudden, an alert pops up to remind me of the concierge meeting at 2pm. Darn! Completely forgot! Thankfully I called over there and they were understanding about it. Since I am public transportation away from work, it would have taken me about an hour to get there.

Another hour or so goes by and I leave to get to Boston for my drug screen test. But wait, I had to print up the sheet to bring! Well, my printer is busted. Or it’s just not responding to my computer. Either way, the paperwork I was supposed to bring was not able to be printed. So, it’s raining, I’m running down the street to the bus, but thankfully I didn’t miss it.

I make it to the station and have to take a shuttle to the T. Darn Science Museum construction. Well, there is traffic while on the shuttle. In the end, I am able to make it to where I’m going at 4:20. But I don’t have the paperwork. And the woman at the counter is less than pleasant. I have my confirmation number but apparently it had expired! I had 2 days from the issue of the e-mail to have the drug test. And I was 2 hours too late. So, I had to reschedule. At this point, it’s pouring and I’m miserable. I didn’t even want to go to the concierge dinner but I ended up meeting Andrew a little bit early and had a coffee with him at Caffé Vittoria. Things were starting to look up (even though the rain was still coming down).

Even after my crappy day, the night ended up being wonderful. But I realized that with my new job, things in my schedule are going to get pretty tight. The new job has me working 3 mornings per week from 6-10AM. That will probably mean less concierge dinners/events and more time sleeping and working.

So, I’m not sure how the blog will be for the next few months. I love trying to write every other day or so but with the schedule, I don’t know when I’ll get around to it. My afternoon’s will be free so maybe I can find some lunch places to review. And I still plan on running whenever I can. I realize that with David being gone, he has been making the ultimate sacrifice for our future. For the next few months I’ll be doing what I can to contribute to that. I definitely won’t stop blogging for good, and I’m sure I’ll get a night or two where I’ll do something exciting to write about. But right now, sleep is looking like a dominant in my life (besides work).


At least the dinner tonight was my saving grace of the day! Before heading over to Pagliuca’s, I met Andrew for a café latte at Caffé Vittoria.


Then we stopped at Bacco for a cocktail and when 6:30 rolled around, we headed over to the restaurant for dinner. There are about 100 restaurants in the North End alone and I think I’ve been to maybe a dozen of them. So I’m always glad to get invited to a dinner for a restaurant that I haven’t tried out yet. This restaurant is located on a small side street and it consists of an upstairs dining room and a downstairs dining room and bar. We were seated downstairs.


Instead of choosing items off of the menu, the owner of the restaurant, Joe, chose all of the dishes for us, starting with an antipasti all the way to dessert. And the courses did NOT disappoint!

We started off with probably the most impressive antipasti plate I have ever seen. There were peppers, broccoli, lightly fried artichoke hearts, provolone cheese, two types of cured meat and mushrooms. Everything was delicious, especially the artichoke.


Throughout the meal, we were also served bread and chianti.


For our pasta entrée, we had their homemade pasta with sauce. The sauce was so delicate and sweet. I could have licked the plate clean. But obviously restrained myself. Winking smile


For the main entrée, there was chicken with potatoes and veal with potatoes. These two items were served family style which is why my plate looks pretty bare.


The chicken was so moist and flavorful, and the veal was like buttah. Usually I’m not a veal fan but this was just too good looking to pass up.

For dessert, there was tiramisu and coffee. The tiramisu was probably the best that I ever had. I had never really been a huge fan of it because it seemed that every time I had it, it was too sweet. But this was just the right amount of sweetness, mascarpone and liquor. So good! We were also presented with a fruit plate that had ripe strawberries, juicy figs and succulent grapes.


This was definitely a very enjoyable dining experience in the North End. I certainly hope to return again soon!

All concierge dinners are complimentary but these opinions are that of my own.

Pagliuca’s is located at 14 Parmenter St. in Boston, MA

Pagliuca's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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1 Michelle June 23, 2011 at 6:37 am

I think a lot of people are in different life transitions right now and our blogs are all going in different directions. Congrats on the job and I’ll look forward to reading your blog no matter how often you do (or don’t) write!


2 MelissaNibbles June 23, 2011 at 9:37 am

I’m glad you got the job, I’m sorry you had such a bad day. The dinner looks like a great way to make up for it though.


3 Stephanie June 23, 2011 at 11:35 am

Congrats!!!! This place looks awesome, I want to try it. I already emailed the hubby yum!


4 Kate (What Kate is Cooking) June 23, 2011 at 8:06 pm

I’m not a huge pasta fan normally, but that pasta looks amazing!! Sorry you had a bad day- hopefully that yummy dinner made you feel better :)


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