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Yak and Yeti

by Alaina on August 14, 2011 · 7 comments

I love Indian food.

It’s no secret.

When it comes to Indian food though, I’m also safe. I know what I like and I know what will taste good. I’ve honestly never been to an Indian restaurant that I didn’t like (Tamarind Bay and Tantric Indian Bistro are my favorites). So when my sister in law had an Eversave coupon for this restaurant in Ball Square, Somerville I was all for joining her. I knew I would have a great meal. In addition to Indian cuisine, Yak and Yeti also offers Nepali cuisine. We stuck to Indian.

And this place did not disappoint.


When we arrived, we were given tortilla-like bread with two dipping sauces. Of course, as I write this on Sunday night, I cannot remember the sauces that we enjoyed on Friday.


To drink, we each had a sweet, yogurt-y mango lassi. Delish!


I should note that the ambiance was perfect. The décor was minimal and modern. There was music playing but it wasn’t overbearing, and Grace and I were able to have a conversation. For being a Friday night, it had a good dinner crowd but it wasn’t crazy busy. The service was also great. Water glasses were always filled! Smile

For entrées, we went the shared route, as we always do. We browsed the menu for quite sometime before ordering. A lot of new and interesting dishes stood out to us, but we knew what would taste good and we ended up with our standards. We ordered vegetable samosas, chicken korma, chicken tikka masala and peshwari naan. The naan was a new flavor for us, but the fact that it had coconut and almonds in it we knew we couldn’t go wrong. And it was so delicious. We didn’t even need dessert because the bread was so perfectly sweet.


All in all, another fantastic meal out. I love exploring Somerville, having only been living here for about 5 months now. As Grace and I were walking through Davis Square we saw so many other places that we wanted to try. Hope to get some more reviews out for you!

Oh yeah, and definitely go eat at the Yak and Yeti the next time you are in the neighborhood. Smile And then go across the street to Ball Square Fine Wine’s on Friday night for a wine or beer tasting. It’s pretty much my new favorite spot now.

Yak and Yeti is located at 719 Broadway in Somerville, MA.

Yak & Yeti on Urbanspoon