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I Love Beer

by Alaina on August 18, 2011 · 9 comments

It really is no secret.

Beer and I are likethis.

And it comes as a big surprise to me because when I was in college, I would go more for Bud Light, Coors Light (aka: beer flavored water) or Smirnoff Ice/Mike’s Hard drinks. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually found more of a taste for craft beers; beers with more bite. When I was 19, I went to Ireland and toured the Guinness factory. We were given a complimentary pint and I couldn’t even drink it. Now? I’m a big fan. I think I need to take another trip over and really take advantage of that free pint. Winking smile

IMG_3311IMG_3853 IMG_3770


Next Saturday, August 27th, I will be attending the Fourth Annual Summer Brewfest at Indian Ranch in Webster, MA. I was beyond thrilled when I was invited to this event. I’ve always wanted to attend beer fests in Boston but the price always seemed pretty steep. I was given a complimentary pass to the event; my guest will be paying the full admission at $25. I cannot wait to review it for you guys!

Here is what the event is all about, from their press release:

Indian Ranch is known for offering music lovers a chance to see some of the nation’s greatest country, classic rock and pop bands in an intimate setting steps away from the sandy shore of Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg (That is legit!).  However, on one day each summer, music takes a back seat to beer, as Indian Ranch hosts its annual Summer Brewfest.  This classic event provides beer aficionados and novices alike the opportunity to come together and sample more than twenty-five different craft beers while enjoying delicious food, listening to live music, and engaging in plenty of fun and games.  This year, The Fourth Annual Summer Brewfest takes place at Indian Ranch on Saturday, August 27 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Participants at Brewfest will have the opportunity to sample local, regional and international micro-brews, craft beers and malt beverages. Attendees are sure to recognize Sam Adams, Harpoon, Narragansett, Sierra Nevada, Guinness and Red Hook Brewery. These breweries will be joined by local craft beer brewers including Worcester’s own Wormtown Brewery, Blue Hills Brewery, Wachusett Brewery, 50 Back American Lager,  Ipswich Ale, Clown Shoes Beers, Paper City Brewery , Watch City Brewing Company and Sherwood Forest. 

Other New England brewers taking part in the festival include Vermont brewers Magic Hat and Long Trail Ale, Maine brewers Peak Organic and Geary Brewing, Woodstock Inn from New Hampshire and Olde Burnside from Connecticut.  National brewers taking part in Summer Brewfest include Widmer Brothers from Oregon, Kona Brewing Company from Hawaii, and Goose Island from Illinois.   International brews include Estrella from Spain and Innis & Gunn from Scotland. In addition, Malt Beverages Woodchuck Cider, Jeremiah Weed and Mike’s Hard Lemonade also will be available at the festival.

Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster or by calling the Indian Ranch box office at 508-943-3871.

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See what I mean? Likethis.

Have you ever attended a beer fest before? Anyone going to the one at Indian Ranch? Anyone want to be my DD? Smile with tongue out