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Pre-Thanksgiving To-Do’s

by Alaina on November 23, 2011 · 5 comments

1) Prepare the cranberry sauce to sit and marinate overnight. Looks…odd, but tastes amazing!


2) Bake the delicious-smelling pumpkin coffee cake.


3) Do a load of laundry before any one else snags the free machines. What, you mean your laundry “basket” isn’t a bag you stole from your hotel room? Smile with tongue out


4) Pack all of my stuff which includes running gear for the 5-miler and clothes for my weekend in Maine.


5) Download CD’s onto iTunes for some tuneskies for the road.


6) Work 2pm till whenever it gets slow enough that my boss can let me go home early. Smile with tongue out It’s fun when you get to work with puppies in the back office!


7) Parents pick me up and we’re off to Mendon! Hi Mom and Dad!


What have you been up to to prep for the holidays?