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Half at the Hamptons Training–Week 5 (And Restaurant Reviews)

by Alaina on January 2, 2012 · 5 comments

Wow, 2012 is already here. I’m feeling a lot of great things are going to happen this year! I hope for a great 2012 for you guys!! Smile

Again, another week and more running behind me.

Monday: Working 7-3, then Trilogy night!
Tuesday: Got up super early for house hunting, then worked 2-10
Wednesday: 3.83 miles @ 35 minutes @ 9:09 pace
Thursday: 3.5 mile tempo run @ 31 minutes @ 8:58 pace
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Long run with the Garmin – 8 miles @ 1:17 @ 9:34 pace
Sunday: Working 7-3, then CAH-rashed early

Week mileage: 15.33
Total mileage: 75.30

The run on Saturday was amazing! I just ran and ran until my Garmin reached 8 miles. The weather was chilly and overcast, aka: perfect!

And a few small restaurant reviews:

Boston Burger Company

Last week David discovered a new burger place in Davis Square, so obviously, we had to try it.


The restaurant itself is small, but spaced well. They have a large selection of burgers to choose from as well as beer and wine. We started out with a bowl of sweet potato fries.


I really enjoyed these because they weren’t overly sweet or too salty. The only problem was that there was no ketchup on the table and had to ask a server to get some. Have to have ketchup with fries!

For my burger, I decided on the build-your-own. I’m super simple when it comes to my burgers: lettuce, onion, pickles, cheese and ketchup please! I asked for it to be cooked medium. It came a bit on the well side, but not too bad. David had asked for medium rare and it came out much more on the well side.


The side of baked beans was really watery and not my favorite. But I did like the home-style potato chips on the side!

Overall: Burgers were tasty but nothing too special.

Boston Burger Company is located in 37 Davis Square, Somerville, MA

Boston Burger Company  on Urbanspoon

Max Brenner

New Years Day was such a nice day out that David met me after work and we walked the Back Bay and decided to have a bite at Max Brenner.


We sat at the bar which was very comfortable. The bartenders were nice, although it seemed scattered since we ordered drinks from one bartender and food from another. Didn’t really know who was taking care of us. To start, I had a Sam Adams Winter Lager.


The whole menu looked delicious; I ended up ordering the margarita pizza with added pepperoni.


I really enjoyed this pizza. It tasted fresh and I loved the thin crust. I ate it all, except for two pieces. David ordered the steak sandwich and his impression was that although tasty, it didn’t seem like it’s $16 worth of tasty. After he was done (and even after eating two of my pizza slices) he was still hungry.


He also had a cup of hot chocolate which was very rich and not too sweet. We both enjoyed it.

Overall: Food was tasty, but not impressionable. I would probably just stick to the chocolate.

Max Brenner is located at 745 Boylston Street.

Max Brenner on Urbanspoon