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Half at the Hamptons Training–Week 7 (And Dinner in the North End)

by Alaina on January 16, 2012 · 9 comments

A chill has finally come to Boston! And apparently the northern part of the state got some snow. Of course, nothing but rain fell here in Boston. I’m not complaining though. Although yesterdays 9 mile run was like a slap in the face with those wind chills! But I made it through and had another successful week.

Monday: The lovely 7-3 shift
Tuesday: 4.5 miles @ 40 minutes @ 8:54 pace
Wednesday: 3.02 miles @ 28 @ 9:20 pace
Thursday: Did this awesome upper body workout from Hillary’s blog
Friday: 7 x 400 interval run @ 4 miles @ 36 minutes @ 8:52 pace
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 9 miles @ 1:29:55 @ 9:59 pace

Week mileage: 20.52
Total mileage: 113.79

Woo-hoo! What a great week that was. Hopefully weather won’t be as bad as Sunday was, but you never know living in New England!

On Sunday, I had to venture to the North End to use a Groupon I had purchased for some cupcakes. Since we were already going to be in that neighborhood, David and I decided to have dinner there. I checked my gift card stash and settled on Trattoria Il Panino.

David was looking for something that was quick dining, nothing too intimate or loud. On a Saturday night, I was hoping that this restaurant would deliver. And it did! We were seated immediately and we perused the menu. It took about 5 or so minutes before anyone approached us, but the service was quick after that.

I decided on a glass of cabernet sauvignon which was nice and spicy. For a starter, we both had the Boston bibb salad with candied walnuts and aged balsamic vinegar.


It was the perfect little salad. I love the buttery-ness of Boston bibb lettuce and the salad was perfectly coated with the dressing

For dinner I chose the fettuccini with pesto. David got the ricotta-filled ravioli.


This dish was so good! The pasta was thick and perfectly cooked; not too soft and not too crunchy. And even though it looked like a small portion, it really filled me up! I had to have David finish it for me. Smile with tongue out

The service was prompt and friendly. The food came out quick, yet piping hot. I asked David about his impression when he left and he said that it was exactly what he was looking for. Who’s a good concierge? Haha!

All in all, highly recommended for a casual dinner out with very reasonable prices and delicious food.

Trattoria Il Panino is located at 11 Parmenter Street in Boston’s North End.

Trattoria Il Panino on Urbanspoon