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Chart House

by Alaina on March 4, 2012 · 4 comments

When I was working at my last hotel, near the waterfront, David and I would frequent two restaurants: Limoncello and the Chart House. This past Thursday I was looking through my stash-o-gift cards and noticed an abundance of Chart House cards. Dinner was decided!

I never used to be a huge seafood fan, but I am a fan of the way this restaurant prepares some of its fish (there are some that I will never enjoy: salmon and swordfish.) And since my no-meat Lent only pertains to steak, pork and chicken, I knew that I could find a satisfying meal for dinner.

Before we even arrived, David had a game plan: we were going all out with appetizer, salad, entrée AND their chocolate lava cake. Decadence was ours. To start, we had some delicious rolls and butter, and for a drink I had the Bogle sauvignon blanc.


For my appetizer, I kept it light with the hummus platter which came with traditional, edemame, and roasted red pepper flavors.


The red pepper was my favorite! I also took the rest home. Too good not enjoy again! And I loved the fried plantains that came with it too.

For our salad, I ordered the chopped salad with no tomato. This is seriously one of my favorite salads in the city. But be forewarned, it is EXTREMELY oniony. I love onions so I had no problem devouring this.


David didn’t like his as much as he would hoped and the server was more than kind about David sending it back. The manager even took it off the bill.

For my entrée, I ordered the fresh baked tilapia with a side of rice and veggies. David ordered the New York strip. When our meals came out, David noticed that his steak was cooked almost medium well when he had ordered medium rare. The server was so apologetic and quickly had another made up. The chef himself delivered it and it came out perfect. My meal was perfectly breaded and had the light fish taste that I like. Smile The veggies were also nice and crisp, and the rice was herby and buttery. 


But oh wait. Our delicious meal was not over yet. Thirty minutes prior, we put in the order for the lava cake. This is a once in a year kind of dessert. It’s a rich chocolate cake with a melted chocolate center, topped with ice cream, fudge, and Heath bar bits. I pretty much had to unbutton my pants after this one.


A few bites for me and I’m done.

There are only a couple of restaurants that David and I will go to again and again. The Chart House will continue to be one of those for their delicious menu, historical location and superb service.

The Chart House is located at 60 Long Wharf in Boston.

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