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The Good, the Bad & the Cereal

by Alaina on April 5, 2012 · 5 comments

So, it’s a good thing that I didn’t spill any of what was going on that was going to result in an announcement today. I had applied for another position at my hotel, and it was looking promising, but I ended up not getting the job.

holiday 5

It may have been a blessing in disguise though. Looking at the job, it may not have been the exact direction that I wanted to go in. There was a part of me that was kind of relieved. Concierge is tough to give up.

When I returned to my desk though, I got a notice that me and my other colleagues got a raise! And a significant one. 

holiday 4

AND Tuesday marked my 3 years of being a concierge. I’m finally qualified to start the application process for Les Clefs d’Or.



There are two other colleagues who are members so hopefully they can put in a good word for me. I have to line up sponsors, a letter from my GM and documentation of my employment in the front office of each hotel I’ve worked at. Lot’s of work goes into it! I hope that by the time June rolls around, I’ll be keyed. Smile

So even though I put my time into applying for this job, and being a bit bummed that I didn’t get it, other opportunities have popped up because of that. Again, perhaps a blessing in disguise.

Now, onto the cereal! Since the temps haven’t been too too cold, I haven’t had the craving for oatmeal. Lately I’ve been all about the cereal. My latest creation has Original Special K, milk, plain yogurt, peanut butter granola (which is AMAZING! Thank you Lauren!), dried cranberries and chia seeds.


Other times I’ll mix it with other cereals I might have on hand. My favorite combination was with the peanut butter Cheerio’s. Yummy!

Have you ever had your “blessing in disguise” moment? Did any new opportunities arise from it?