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Bringing Down the House

by Alaina on April 7, 2012 · 4 comments

Today was the big day! We have finally started tearing down our new house. It was an extremely productive day, even though we didn’t get the whole structure down.

We started with some goodies from Dunkin Donuts.


Then we all got started.


My mother in law took some pictures too, since I was so busy helping out! I helped to rip off the siding, fill up the dumpster and take out some window frames. And throughout the whole day (worked from 8AM to 5PM) we only had once injury. My father in law stepped on a nail but thankfully didn’t go all the way through. And he was right back to it afterwards! Such a trooper. Smile

As of this evening, we’ve taken out all of the walls and insulation, windows, doors, siding and about 70% of the roof. We filled up the dumpster so we’ll have to wait until we get a new one.

David and I are so excited that this chapter in our lives is finally starting. We’re hoping to have it all built by the beginning of the summer. Thank you to our friends and family who came out to help us today!

Note: To keep this blog from getting too house related, David and I will be writing our own house blog but we’re stuck on what we should name it! It’s our first home and we’re looking to make it super energy efficient and “green”. Hmmm…

Have you ever worked on building or demoing a house?