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30 Years of Bliss

by Alaina on July 10, 2012 · 6 comments

As you can tell from my noticable absence in blogging both here and on the house blog, my life has been pretty darn busy lately. And I can’t say that it’s been 100% easy on both David and I. Budgets are strewn, tempers have been flared and timelines have been pushed back. Sometimes my mind is clouded with all of the house stuff that I never really sit back and think about my relationship with David. At least not in an always positive light. But on a day like today, it’s really hard not to think about long lasting love and what it takes to be in a strong, committed relationship.

Today is the 30th wedding anniversary of my awesome, amazing parents Annette and Mark.

30 years ago today they were married in Bangor, Maine surrounded by their loving family and friends. And less than 2 years later, I joined them in their crazy adventure. :-P I couldn’t have imagined a better childhood. As an only child, I was able to do a lot of fun activities: going to California when I was 5, traveling alone to Florida when I was 9. And spending weeks on end at Girl Scout camp during the summer. Wait, were they just trying to get rid of me?

But I was also taught, and shown, to work for what I had. When they started out, they maybe had $100 to their name. Now they both have successful jobs and a beautiful home. I was able to get a great education at Endicott College and took what I learned to have the job I have today. I never felt like I was spoiled, but as my dad put it, I “was fortunate to have what I have.” My parents did a great job at raising me and I certainly hope to pass that on when David and I have children. (Someday…)

I think it’s safe to say that since I flew the coop, my parents have been having an even better time together. Whether it’s running races, going to Red Sox games, or celebrating in Vegas, they know what it means to have fun as a couple. I see that as being a key to a successful relationship: knowing how to have fun together. And that’s something that I hope will come back to David and I. We need more hiking and drive in movies in our lives.

But when I look at what my parents have (and even what my in-law’s have) I can only hope and pray that David and I will be that way at 30 years together. Marriage is a long, tough road, but having parents like mine, I think it’ll be one that we can navigate.