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The Lansdowne Pub

by Alaina on October 12, 2012 · 0 comments

Today was my first day off after a 9 day stretch at the hotel. It’s times like these that make me appreciate the nights and days that I have off. This past Saturday a free night for David and I (I worked the mid), and we decided to take up the offer of the Lansdowne Pub to try our their new menu.

I had been to Lansdowne when they first opened (09 I believe?) for a concierge reception, but had not been back since. I love a good Irish restaurant so I was excited to try out the food. And it was a plus that the Red Sox season was over so we didn’t have to deal with those crowds. There was a show at the House of Blues though so that made Lansdowne Street pretty busy.

When we arrived for our 7pm reservation, the restaurant was fairly empty, but there we some patrons at the bar. At the same time, a large party was showing up but they were sent to a private dining area. The restaurant also has live music during the weekend but that didn’t start until 10pm.


The layout of the restaurant is extremely spacious but the details definitely made you feel as if you were in an Irish pub. Every time I step into an Irish restaurant, I’m brought right back to my trip.


As tempting as their cocktail list was, I’m always drawn to a Guinness in these restaurants. It sets my mood, so to speak.


It took awhile for me to choose an entrée since so many dishes were tantalizing. I bounced between a burger, stew, steak, even thinking about several appetizers as my entrée. I finally decided on the Guinness stew with soda bread and Irish butter.


It was an excellent choice. The vegetables were finally chopped so that each spoonful contained an ample amount of beef and veggies. It was hearty and warm; absolutely delicious. The soda bread was a perfect hearty accompaniment and was adequately topped with Kerrygold butter.

Before our entrees, David and I both had the garden salad and split their hand cut chips. There was a bit of confusion on my part because the way that the server had described them, I really thought they were house made potato chips. But what came out was just as good. We opted for the plain, but next time I’m sure to be more adventurous with their many options of toppings (chili and cheese please!). They were crispy on the outside and slightly mushy on the inside. Perfect fries, to me. I could have easily eaten the entire plate. The salad was also satisfying.


Up until this point our dinner was going well. The crowds were starting to arrive and the bar was getting busy. We ordered a fried mars bar for dessert, but it took so long to come out we were very close to leaving without even trying it. Luckily it was out before we got up and ended up having a few bites.


Wow, to say this is rich would be an understatement. It was warm, gooey, caramel-y and you could feel your artery’s clogging with every chew. A once in a while treat indeed.

Overall, I very much enjoy the Lansdowne Pub. If you like the music crowd or bar scene, this would be the spot to head to on the weekends. In order to have a nice, quiet dinner, I would stick to the week days.

Dinner was complimentary, however these opinions are that of my own.

Lansdowne Pub is located at 9 Lansdowne Street, Boston, MA.

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