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A Day in August

by Alaina on October 12, 2014 · 1 comment

As I was going through my pictures on my iPhone I realized that I never shared a couple of events I went to in August: the Indian Ranch Brewfest and the Linkin Park concert! It was a gorgeous day and I was happy to spend it with David and my friend, Courtney. Smile

Indian Ranch Brewfest

This was my third year attending, and as always, David and I enjoyed our afternoon of beer and BBQ. There weren’t as many vendors this year but we were still able to try a few new brews.

2014-08-16 14.38.562014-08-16 14.38.362014-08-16 14.40.162014-08-16 14.40.252014-08-16 14.41.022014-08-16 14.46.302014-08-16 14.47.062014-08-16 14.48.142014-08-16 14.52.362014-08-16 14.57.252014-08-16 15.27.312014-08-16 15.33.032014-08-16 15.33.092014-08-16 15.34.262014-08-16 15.35.052014-08-16 15.46.11

Pointing upThat brand right up there ended up being David’s favorite of the afternoon. He went up about 5 times to try out the different flavors of the cider. I’ll have try and find it for him. Winking smile The one next to it, the Innis and Gunn, was my favorite of the ‘fest. It’s a Scottish Rum Aged ale and it’s the only one I went up to multiple times. And thankfully it’s sold at a local liquor store in Ayer!

Linkin Park Concert

After we spent a few hours drinking and enjoying some BBQ, I headed down to Mansfield for the Linkin Park concert! I’ve been a fan of LP since high school but always seemed to miss them whenever they came to New England. This time, however, I purchased a ticket the day they went on sale. I ended up going by myself, but it was the biggest coincidence that Courtney also had tickets to that show, and they were right behind me! It made the show that much better for sure.

The opening acts were AFI (A Fire Inside) and 30 Seconds to Mars. Seriously though, you would have thought that 30STM was the main headliner because they had the biggest crowd and put on an amazing show! I would have expected nothing less from Jared Leto though. Winking smile

2014-08-16 17.51.222014-08-16 18.35.172014-08-16 19.48.262014-08-16 20.07.22

My pictures aren’t all that clear but I was trying to get a shot of Jared, without his shirt on. *swoon* I didn’t take that many of Linkin Park; the last photo is of Chester Bennington. Another *swoon*. They both put on amazing sets and I can definitely say that I am a 30 Seconds to Mars fan now. I didn’t know any of their songs going in to the show, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying every second of their set.

2014-08-16 19.56.572014-08-16 19.57.032014-08-16 20.17.302014-08-16 20.17.332014-08-16 20.28.152014-08-16 21.56.212014-08-17 06.28.47

Courtney and I having a great time! I ended up leaving the show around 10 since I had to be at work the next morning at 7. Thankfully that meant I beat the crowds getting out too! If you’ve ever been to Great Woods/the Tweeter Center/Comcast Center/Xfinity Center then you know what I mean. Winking smile

What was your favorite weekend of the summer?

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Race #25: Oktoberfest 5K

by Alaina on October 6, 2014 · 3 comments

Blog Update: I seem to be having issues with my comment boxes disappearing as well as my sidebars disappearing when I navigate away from the home page. It’s not a host issue, and I’m not getting much help from WordPress. Annoyed If anyone might have an idea of what the issue is, please feel free to e-mail at joggingconcierge (at) gmail (dot) com! Thank you. Smile Update 10/7: Looks like everything is fixed! Apparently I had to update my theme to correlate with the update from WordPress. Thank you to Holly (my blog designer) for helping me!

Woo! Only 5 more races to go! And this past Sunday was the most perfect weather for my 25th race: the Oktoberfest 5K in Cambridge. I had signed up, hoping that I would run with my friend Jess, but she ended up having to travel this past weekend. But I didn’t run alone! I ended up seeing my friend Erica and we ran the majority of the race together. The course was hillier than I expected but the cool weather and sun shining made the race extremely enjoyable. I felt strong the entire way and probably could have kept running too!

25th Race - 2

And what’s better at 10 in the morning than finishing an awesome race? Beer of course! The Oktoberfest 5K also had a beer tent and a couple of restaurants offering up refreshments. Thankfully when I got my (only) beer there were no lines. After I was done though there were lines as far as…you could see. I had a pumpkin beer from the Cambridge Brewing Company, along with a slightly salty and doughy pretzel. It was the perfect way to start the day. Winking smile

25th Race - 1

Time: 29:38
Pace: 9:32
Overall: 1067/2121

Overall, an awesome race that I would definitely consider running again. But sign up early as this race always sells out! Next up is the Tufts 10K next Monday with my mom!



A Beautiful Fall Day

by Alaina on October 4, 2014 · 1 comment

Yesterday had to have been the most perfect fall day. I had the day off and, after relaxing a bit in the morning, went for a 5 mile run through town. I ended up running a mile to the train station and then ran the route of the Bemis 5K that I did back in June. The weather was cool, breezy and sunny; absolutely perfect! I ran the 5 miles in 48:57.

David ended up coming home early from work, and to make the best of the beautiful afternoon we went to a farmer’s market at William’s Barn in Groton.

The Williams Family Barn was originally built in 1840 and today serves as a living museum and has many of its original tools and objects. The Barn committee warmheartedly looks forward to, presenting this historic landmark. It’s a place for families to visit and enjoy the simpler things in life! The Committee enjoys informing and educating the public on such topics as agriculture, local history, conservation and the environment.

   The Williams Barn Committee has something to offer everyone throughout the year. The Committee host events that capture the days of our past such as, the Groton Farmers Market with live music, the Thanksgiving Farmers Market, Groton Women’s Club Holiday Green’s Sale, the Barn’s Earth Day event, The Local Native American Council holds their Open House on the farm. Also, every year in June the Barn Committee, with the Groton Women’s Club, host the entire Groton/Dunstable 3-4 grade class. They are treated to, what life was like for a child in the 1840’s.

David and I ended up picking up a couple of bags of spring mix salad, some pears and apples, and shared a delicious cup of clam chowder.

2014-10-03 15.58.482014-10-03 15.58.522014-10-03 15.59.472014-10-03 15.59.102014-10-03 15.59.492014-10-03 16.11.142014-10-03 16.40.44-22014-10-03 16.12.202014-10-03 16.40.312014-10-03 16.12.29

We also listened to a bluegrass band before heading home. We plan on going back next Friday, the last day of the year that they are operating, to get some more food from the local farmers. There was also a bagel stand so I may have to indulge in a few of those. Smile

Days like yesterday make me absolutely love this time of year. I told David that I wish I lived somewhere where it was fall all year round, and he mentioned that the wonder of it would wear off. Having it last for barely a month makes it all that more intriguing and enjoyable. Totally made sense to me. Smile

What do you like most about the fall?

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