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Welcome to November! It’s pretty much the official start of the holiday season with the shops starting to sell their Christmas items and Starbucks has brought out the holiday cups!

Starbucks Holiday

I’m honestly VERY excited for the holidays this year. And I don’t even mind that Christmas is being celebrated a bit earlier this year. The longer the better right? And with the holidays around the corner, I’ve decided to join in on Monica’s Pile on the Miles! I participated in 2011 and I’m excited to challenge myself this month. I may have been hasty in claiming that I will run 100 miles this month, but if I plan it right, I think I can do it! I ran 3.65 miles yesterday and I plan on running about 6 tomorrow. And with the running, it’s time to find some new songs! Here’s this month’s RunHundred picks.

The Top 10 Workout Songs for November 2014

This month’s top 10 list makes three things clear:
#1. Iggy Azalea isn’t going anywhere. The Levi’s model and rap phenomenon shows up in the list below with two different collaborators—Rita Ora and Jennifer Lopez.
#2. Calvin Harris is quickly becoming the face of electronic dance music. He also turns up twice this month—in a pop hit alongside John Newman and a club track with Alesso and Hurts.
#3. 128 beats per minute (BPM) is the Iggy Azalea and Calvin Harris of tempos. By that I mean it’s omnipresent. Seven of the ten songs below are within a few beats of this tempo.

In terms of working out, 128 BPM’s dominance in pop music means that–if you can find an exercise routine that approximates this pace–you’ll never be short of new workout music. If you’ve already got fixed a routine, you can swap in any of the songs from that range and see how they fit. If not, you might try walking, kickboxing, or a bootcamp-style workout—all of which are good matches for this speed.

Whatever this month’s top songs lack in tempo variety, they make up for in the genre variety thanks to a woozy remix from Tove Lo, some Australian folk from Vance Joy, and the fervent rock of Walk the Moon. Whether it’s the eclectic mix that draws you in or the four-on-the-floor beats, there’s something here that will invigorate your workout.

Here’s the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred–the web’s most popular workout music blog.
Taylor Swift – Welcome to New York – 117 BPM
Tove Lo – Habits (Stay High) (Hippie Sabotage Remix) – 120 BPM
Vance Joy – Riptide – 104 BPM
Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea – Booty – 129 BPM
Calvin Harris, Alesso & Hurts – Under Control – 126 BPM
Demi Lovato & Cher Lloyd – Really Don’t Care (Cole Plante Radio Remix) – 128 BPM
Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance – 128 BPM
Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora – Black Widow (Justin Prime Remix) – 128 BPM
Pitbull & John Ryan – Fireball – 125 BPM
Calvin Harris & John Newman – Blame – 128 BPM

To find more workout songs, folks can check out the free database at RunHundred.com. Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine.

As always I have not been compensated for this post; RunHundred.com is always free to use!

Are you looking forward to the holidays this year?


Race #27: Citizens Bank Pell Bridge Run

by Alaina on October 27, 2014 · 2 comments

Race number 27 is complete and I only have 3 left to go! Two of them have been registered; still looking for that third one. For some reason I can’t access the website for the Providence Jingle 5K in December. Hopefully that’s just a temporary thing and I can sign up for that one. Smile

This past Sunday my parents and I ran the Citizen’s Bank Pell Bridge Run in Newport, RI. This was my fourth year running (2011, 2012, 2013) and by far one of the best. I was a little nervous as to how I was going to hold up since I had to work the night before and drive to Newport afterwards. But thankfully the race was moved back an hour to 7:15 and I was able to sleep in a little. I ended up sleeping for 4 hours before the alarm went off and after getting ready we drove to the shuttle area to take us to the start.

It was another year of absolute perfect weather, although waiting at the start had us huddling next to each other since there was a cold breeze coming off the water. Once the sun came up though, it was getting a bit warmer and the wind died down.

2014-10-26 07.07.16

The race started promptly at 7:15 and it took us about 4 minutes to cross the start line. As we got across the start we realized that we were way too far back and there were people already walking. It took almost a mile for mom and I to weave around everyone and finally got into a groove. Our first mile ended up being around 11:30 because of that. The trek up the bridge was so much better than last year, for me. We kept our heads down and arms pumping, (looking up ahead would always psych me out) and before we knew it, we had reached the top!

2014-10-26 07.39.332014-10-26 07.39.292014-10-26 07.39.44

We both coasted down the other side of the bridge and ended up finding my dad! We stayed behind him and just let the momentum carry us towards the finish. I felt awesome and was compelled to try and push it the last mile, but my mom and I made a pact that we would finish together, since yesterday was her birthday and my anniversary. I checked my Nike Running app and realized that we were going at about a 9:30 pace for the last half! We were able to keep that up and we bolted across that finish line, hand in hand. Smile

2014-10-26 08.33.56-1

Time: 40:31
Pace: 10:23
Division (30-34): 95/262
Overall: 1092/3033

Such a great time! To celebrate all that was going on that day, we had a delicious steak dinner and for dessert, a pumpkin pound cake with a maple cream cheese glaze at my parents house. And to top it off, we watched a spectacular win by the Patriots! A perfect little Sunday I would say. Smile

2014-10-26 17.18.48

Happy 6 Year Anniversary David!! <3

Next up for race #28 is the Whitinsville 5 Miler on Thanksgiving morning!


Tried and True Meat Sauce Recipe

by Alaina on October 16, 2014 · 4 comments

Growing up my parents and I would always eat pasta on Wednesday night. Prince pasta night anyone? Aaaaanthony!! Throughout the years, I would eat the pasta with regular pasta sauce or even sweet Italian sausages, but my favorite is always the ground beef meat sauce.

Lately David has been raving about the sauce that I make so I thought I would share my “tried and true” recipe. I will preface by saying that I don’t make my own tomato sauce. Maybe eventually, but for this recipe, it’s store bought.

Step One: Cut up one small onion and sauté with olive oil until they become soft. Add to crock pot once they are done.

2014-10-14 14.02.50

Step Two: In the same pan, add more olive oil and brown the ground beef. I generally buy between 80% and 90% lean so that I’ll have a little fat left over, for flavor.

2014-10-14 14.05.51

Step Three: Add ground beef to the crock pot. Then I add stewed tomatoes, sauce (I usually switch between Prego and Francesco Rinaldi), garlic powder and oregano.

2014-10-14 14.12.492014-10-14 14.16.16

Step Four: Set Crock Pot to “warm” and let the sauce simmer for about 3 to 4 hours to let the flavor mix.

2014-10-14 17.25.00

And we’re done! Very simple yet so extremely delicious. David and I love garlic so I go pretty heavy on the garlic powder. Smile with tongue out And I tend to make a big batch so that it lasts us a couple of days. I think it’s actually better a day after because the flavors really mix together.

What’s your favorite pasta topping?