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Race #15 – 2014 BAA 10K

by Alaina on June 23, 2014 · 2 comments

15 races down and 15 more to go! I am officially halfway to my 30 races goal!

Yesterday I ran the 4th Annual BAA 10K in Boston. This was also my fourth year running this race. It’s been a favorite of mine since its inception and this year was probably one of the best I’ve ran. That doesn’t mean I was able to obtain a PR (I’m convinced that 2011 was a fluke: overcast weather, coming off of running a half marathon and running with my dad highly contributed to my fastest time yet), BUT I ran a very smart race and I ended up enjoying every step of it. I didn’t get to the end thinking that it was the worst race I ever ran. I was actually very happy with my performance. Smile

The race started a little after 8AM, and we were all let go in waves. My wave started around 8:20 or so.

BAA 10K Scene

I was able to keep my pace very consistent by staying in the high 9’s. I even ran up Commonwealth Avenue near BU without stopping, as well as the hills going under Massachusetts Avenue. The only time that I took steps was through the water stops. Although the weather wasn’t extremely humid, the sun does beat down on you during the stretch on Comm Ave. It’s not fun and I was actually able to keep myself occupied by watching for people I knew coming down the other way. That, along with my music, kept my mind off of the hill.

Overall, I ended up having a really great time out there! The energy of the race is palpable and the crowds are abundant. I think the 10K distance is really tricky and would love to be able to tackle it better. Perhaps that will be my second-half-of-the-year goal and see if I can do any better for the Tufts 10K in October (still have yet to sign up though).

15th Race

Time: 1:03:16
Pace: 10:03
In Division: 444/742
In Gender: 2344/3864
Overall: 4627/6593

And there we have it! Halfway there and still a smile on my face. Smile

Next up is the Shipyard Old Port 5K in Portland, ME on July 13th! Reminder: I will be raffling off two items (2 Red Sox tickets and a $25 AMEX gift card) for any donations made to my Run to Home Base Fundraiser! Click here to read more about it. (Raffle ends July 14th). And thank you for your support!

What’s your favorite running distance?


Update: Run to Home Base Fundraising

by Alaina on June 21, 2014 · 1 comment

Happy Saturday everyone! Have you been enjoying this gorgeous weather we’re having? I’m hoping that it stays this way for tomorrow. So far it’s looking pretty good! I’m hoping for low 60s with low humidity. Smile

The race tomorrow will be number 15 which means I am halfway to my 30 races in 2014 goal! And speaking of goals, I am nearly to my goal of raising $750 for the Run to Home Base 9K this July at Fenway Park. I have about $200 left to raise and less than a month to do so. I’ve decided to add a few raffles for anyone who would like to donate! (Existing donations will also be included in the raffle.)

Item #1

Two tickets to the Red Sox vs. Mariners game on Sunday, August 24.


Seats are located in the Grandstand section by the third base line.

Item #2

A $25 American Express gift card


Thank you all so much for your support in my fundraising so far. It’s for such a great cause, and I look forward to running in honor and memory of our servicemen and women.


[Fundraising link in picture]

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BAA 10K Training – Week 7

by Alaina on June 16, 2014 · 1 comment

One more week until the BAA 10K! I’m feeling excited about the prospect of PRing. I’ve felt pretty good during my training and I’m excited to see how it’ll all transpire. The race certainly has the energy that boosts your spirits and if I just run smart (negative splits!) I should be successful.

Monday: 5.01 miles @ 51:33 @ 10:17 pace
TuesdayFriday: Started my new job and ended up being a bit exhausted from it. I ended up not running these days.
Saturday: Bemis 5K @ 27:54 @ 9:00 pace
Sunday: Worcester Running Festival 5K @ 28:45 @ 9:15 pace

Despite the fact that my mileage was a bit low this past week I’m still feeling pretty good about the 10K. The weather is forecasted for cloudy and a high of 74* on Sunday so at least the weather will be bearable (fingers crossed that it stays that way!). The 5 miles on Monday were a bit slow but I feel that a lack of proper nutrition may have been the culprit. I’ll make sure to be plenty nourished once Sunday rolls around. Smile

And a Happy (belated) Father’s Day to my supportive, hilarious, and overall amazing dad Mark! I gifted him a custom made beer tap handle from a shop on Etsy, Bearded Boy Design for his basement bar. It was hand etched in to maple and it came out looking real nice! Definitely check out his shop if you’re looking for any gift ideas.

Dad and I

Picture from around 1988. It’s my absolute favorite.

How was your weekend??

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