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Getting Back To Work

by Alaina on June 13, 2014 · 4 comments

Hello everyone! Tuesday was my first day at work which is why I’ve been a bit quiet the past few days. I am really liking it so far! My schedule is, of course, not as set as my last job but I actually enjoy that because even if I’m working in the evening I can do stuff in the morning. And I’m working PM shifts on the weekend so I can still run my races in the morning. Unfortunately I won’t be able to run some of the Craft Brew races because they take place in the afternoon. I will find substitutions though! There’s even a 5K in my town tomorrow that I plan on running instead of the race in Stowe.

As far as the job itself, I feel like I’m learning a lot but at the same time it’s all so familiar, if that makes sense. I think if you work in one hotel you can work in all of them. Smile When answering phones I know the etiquette and I’m learning rather quickly where everything is in the hotel. I still have to learn their operating system for looking up hotel guest information because I’m so used to Opera and this is very different. I learn by doing though so I’m hoping to pick it up quickly. I’m also not relegated to just one area of the hotel. For a few days I’ll work in the back office and the rest of the week, I’ll be stationed in the lobby. I like that it’s a kind of “mobile” job.

I also very much enjoy the people that I work with. This will only be my 4th day but I feel like I fit right in! I also like I’m starting at the very peak of their busy season. I like diving head first, as I mentioned previously, I learn by doing so the more I can do the more I can learn!

So that’s where I’ve been at for the past week. I’ll have to get myself into another schedule of having different wake up times during the week (4AM for the 7AM shift and around 8 or 9AM for the 3PM shift). It’s a part that I enjoyed about working in hotels though and I’m sure it’ll get better once I get in to the groove.

And to cap off this post, a picture that I took on my way to work: the Christian Science Center reflecting pool. Wednesday was such a beautiful day!

Christ Church

Have you ever had to adapt to a brand new schedule? What are your plans this weekend? Two races for me and Father’s Day on Sunday!


BAA 10K Training – Week 6

by Alaina on June 9, 2014 · 3 comments

Good afternoon everyone! I took the weekend off to prepare and then throw David a 30th birthday party at our house yesterday (his birthday was on Saturday). We had friends and family over for burgers and a cider tasting. It ended up being a great afternoon; can’t wait for the next birthday!

This past week was solid with training. I ended up doing my long run this morning and it was much cooler than yesterday so I’m glad I made that switch. I did do 3 hot and hilly miles on Tuesday to get myself prepared for whatever the weather will be like on the 22nd. Heat + hills better = a stronger runner! Smile

Monday: Stretch and Strengthen 
Tuesday: 3 miles @ 29:43 @ 9:54 pace
Wednesday: Cross train day – spin, treadmill and strength @ 6.5 miles 
Thursday: 2.25 miles (treadmill) @ 22 minutes @ 9:46 pace 
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Cross train day – elliptical and treadmill @ 3 miles 
Sunday: Extra rest day

Last Friday was also National Donut Day! I love donuts; they’re the best for a special treat. I ended up with a coconut iced coffee and a lemon filled donut. Ate it right in the car in the parking lot. Powdered donuts don’t do well when driving.

national donut day

And I can’t end this post without sharing a picture of my parent’s cat Charlie. He was cleaning himself and ended up sitting back in the chair and stayed there for a good 5 minutes or so. He was just relaxing.


I just can’t help but love that cat. Smile

How was your weekend? Did you take advantage of the gorgeous weather?


Thirsty Thursday – Mead

by Alaina on June 5, 2014 · 2 comments

What is mead? Mead or honey wine is an alcoholic beverage created by the fermentation of water and honey. Mead’s alcohol content can vary greatly between mild and strong, and it can range between still and sparkling. Similar to grape wine, mead can be dry, semi-sweet, or sweet. [Source].

During the time that David and I were working on our house, he was eager to have another additional project. For reasons that I don’t 100% know, he decided on bee keeping. Not so much for the delicious honey that they produced (which was AMAZING!) but for the ability to harvest the honey and create a delicious honey wine, or mead.

Our first batch of bees (around April of 2012) only produced small batches of honey before they unfortunately, and mysteriously, disappeared. We enjoyed the honey in our tea or oatmeal and gave it out as gifts at our first house warming party. A good friend of David’s, however, was also bee keeping and gave us more bees to cultivate. That was last summer, and by the fall we had over 2 dozen bottles of delicious, sweet, 12% alcohol content, wine.


First, we had to get all of the honey out of the combs and allow it to settle, so that the honey would separate from the wax. David then mixed 2 gallons of honey with 3 gallons of water in a 5 gallon bucket. Over the next few weeks he added yeast and any other minerals that he had purchased from a brewery shop. The fermentation process began in August and we were able to start bottling it in December. Throughout those few months he transferred the wine from the bucket to a glass container, or racking. That allowed for any settling to be discarded, so that what remained was a sweet, golden liquid.


This was the first time that David had attempted to make alcohol and he made sure I mentioned that he is in no way an expert. He simply followed a recipe that he found at the local brewery shop. And if you happen upon making mead yourself, the recipes usually call for 1 gallon of honey, but since David likes things sweet, he added 2 gallons. And the mead certainly is sweet but it is so smooth and easily drinkable. It’s perfect as an after dinner drink with some pound or Bundt cake. Smile

Have you ever brewed your own beer or made wine?